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File storing has become rampant when almost everything was upgraded to virtual because of the advancement of technology. At this recent time, lots of files are made each day—from simply taking photos and videos to remember a moment, making a document for school requirements, to saving and transferring files work-related, and more. Because of this, file storage has already become an important part of one’s life. File storage is usually done by saving files through computer storage, USB flash drives, hard drives, or memory cards. However, a file storage solution that is definitely hassle-free has now been made available to everyone—saving files through a cloud storage. This simply means that you can save and access your files anytime, anywhere, and on any devices as long as it has the internet. With this, you do not have to worry about leaving behind your storage drives, plus it also gives a lot more storage space for you. This kind of storage solution is provided to you by Fileboom.

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About Fileboom

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Fileboom has been a trusted file hosting provider for six years now with a continuous growth of users. It was founded in Edinburgh in the year 2014 and is dedicated to offering excellent and secured cloud storage software to people around the world. Aside from just file storage, it also offers additional services of file downloads, file sharing, maximum speed, and more. And the best part is, it is constantly updated with the latest security protocols to strictly safeguard user files.

General Features of Fileboom

  1. Easy to Use Platform. Fileboom was designed to be user-friendly so it can be used by everyone without any hassle. You can easily be familiarized with the twist and turns of Fileboom even when you do not have technical skills.
  2. Fast and Hassle-Free Registration. Signing up for an account in Fileboom only takes a while and only needs a few simple steps. There are also lots of payment methods available so you can just choose which option works for you.
  3. Makes Stored Files Easily Accessible. Fileboom provides you a cloud storage system so you can store your files online. With this, it allows you to be able to access your files anytime and anywhere. You can simply access your files to any devices may it be a laptop or a mobile by just going to the Fileboom website online.
  4. Highly Protected. Fileboom gives much importance and priority to data protection and privacy. Its system is built with anti-malware to protect the software from any unauthorized access from hackers or any external networks. It assures you that files are kept private and can only be accessed and seen by you (unless you intentionally share it to other users). It also strictly implements security protocols to assure that only legal actions will be done within the system. You are not allowed to upload illegal files such as pornography, nudity, violence, offensive files, and such.Secured Cloud Storage
  5. Boosts Download Speed. Fileboom offers a download speed of 100 MB per second to a free account and provides the maximum download speed available to a premium account. It downloads 50 KB/ second in free to as fast as 750 KB – 1.5 MB/ second in premium.
  6. Affordable Premium Accounts. Fileboom premium accounts are priced to as low as $0.31/day that even students can surely avail of. The cost of plans varies from the duration length. Take note: the longer the subscription plan, the higher the discount you can get and the cheaper the price. Prices are surely light for your pocket and the service it will offer will surely be worth your bucks.
  7. Transparent User Interface. Fileboom is transparent to its users as it provides reports and details of your files. It shows the file name, file size, time of upload, and such. It also gives you full control over your files so you can organize it according to your preferences.
  8. Reliable Customer Service. Help and support are readily available within the software. It has a FAQ question and helps center in the platform to address common issues instantly and guide you. However, if your issue cannot be answered by the automated help system, then you can contact the support system via email and they will respond as fast as possible and help you with your concerns.

Opening an Account in Fileboom

Registering and joining Fileboom is done easily and only takes a few minutes. You just have to provide general details such as your name, email address, and set up a password. It will then send a confirmation mail to your email to verify your account. Once done, you can easily upgrade to a Fileboom premium with by choosing the plan you want to avail and proceed to payment. You can choose to pay via Mastercard, Visa card, American Express, Discover, or JCB. You may also pay through Bitcoin or through Paypal. Payments are 100% secured and immediately processed. Once payment is confirmed, your Fileboom account is automatically upgraded to the premium version and you can immediately start enjoying its services and features.

Fileboom Free Account vs. Fileboom Premium Account

Free AccountPremium Account
Download Speed100 MB / sec.Maximum and unlimited
Parallel Downloads❌: Not allowed✔️: Unlimited
Download Limit1 file every hour20 GB of total file size per day
Direct Download Links❌: Not supported✔️: Supported
Start of DownloadWith delaysStarts immediately
Play/ Pause/ Stop Download Feature❌: Not available✔️: Resumable download
Download from Third Party❌: Not supported✔️: Supported
Pop-up Ads and Captchas✔️: with ad pop ups and captchas from time to time❌: No ad interruptions
File Size per Upload/ Download500 MB every file5 GB every file
Waiting Time for Download30 secondsNone; download starts instantly
File Storage Duration1 month3 months

Fileboom Premium Account Plans

Fileboom offers four different plan types depending on the length of use from as short as 3 days to as long as one year. Prices vary from as low as $6.90 to as much $113.95. The cost is much discounted with the longer plan. Here is the breakdown of the prices and length of all plans:

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Duration of Premium PlanCost per dayTotal Price
3 days$2.32/ day$6.90
30 days$0.56/ day$16.95
90 days$0.47/ day$41.95
365 days$0.31/ day$113.95

Benefits of Fileboom Premium Account

  • Maximum download speed
  • May download simultaneously
  • Download files to as much as 20 GB every day
  • Direct links are available
  • No waiting time during upload and downloads; it starts immediately
  • No disturbance from captchas and advertisement pop-ups
  • Downloads may be resumed
  • Download managers available
  •  Upload and download to as much as 5 GB file size
  • File deletion only happens within 90 days
  • HTTP and FTP supported

Uploading and Downloading Files in Fileboom

Uploading and downloading files are easy peasy in Fileboom. The platform is designed to be simple and efficient as much as possible. Uploading files can easily be done through a drop and drag function. You just have to go to the upload section and drag the files you want to upload. You can upload multiple files at a time. As for downloading, every file in your account or database will have a download button shown under it. If you wish to download that file, you just have to click the download button and it will automatically start downloading.

The upload and download setups are the same for both free and premium accounts, however, it varies when it comes to the speed and performance. Premium accounts will surely be faster and will provide more features such as parallel downloads, larger download size per file or per day, resumable, and more.

File Managing

You have full control over your files in Fileboom. All files uploaded within the system are only accessible by you. You may choose as to how you want to organize your files. You can make folders to group your files so you can easily access them in the future and you can also change the file names. The search function is also available so you can search through your files and easily locate them.

Final Say About Fileboom

Fileboom is definitely one of the best, affordable, and highly secured file hosting providers available out there. It offers almost all the services you need for file storing: large storage space, maximum speed, large bandwidth, protected system, and a lot more. Enjoy all its perks and make your cloud storage experience worthwhile with Fileboom Premium Account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Fileboom

What is Fileboom?

Fileboom is a file hosting provider that offers a cloud storage system for your files so you can save, upload or download files online and be able to easily access it anytime and anywhere. It also provides a much faster download speed and bigger storage space to make file storage more efficient.

Is Fileboom Free?

Yes, it can be used without charges through a free account however the services are very limited. If you wish to enjoy cloud storage and what Fileboom has to offer, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to a premium account.

How can I avail of Fileboom Premium Account?

First, you have to register first and upgrade your account to a premium one. Choose the premium plan you wish to avail and pay for it through the available payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoin, Paypal, JCB, Discover). When payment is successful, your account will then be immediately upgraded to a premium version.

How do I contact Fileboom Customer Service?

If you encounter any problems and want help, you can get in touch with the support system through email. Send your issues and concerns to [email protected] or [email protected].

Is a refund available in Fileboom?

Refunds are only available within 24 hours if you wish to withdraw from your subscriptions as long as you have a valid concern or have encountered a problem upon using Fileboom.

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